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 First Year Words of Support

Bonjour, my name is Aoife Gallagher. I am from Ballerin. I went to my local primary school, St. Columba’s. I have settled in very well at St. Paul’s. I really like the longer lunch breaks, the different subjects and the chance to meet lots of different people. School life has never been so interesting!

My favourite subjects are History and French. I have always been interested in History and I love the challenge of learning a new language. I also really enjoy P.E. especially doing the town run. We went on a residential to Woodhall and I thought that it was class. We did loads of fun activities. I have made loads of new friends I am glad I chose to come to the college. I have had a very interesting and exciting first term here. 

Hello, my name is James McMullan. I live in the townland of Craigavole. I attended St. John’s Primary School in Swatragh. I was very nervous about making the big change from St. John’s to St. Paul’s but when I got here I discovered there was nothing to be worried about. It has been a lot of fun!

One of my favourite things about St. Paul’s is that it is a small school so the teachers get to know the pupils very quickly. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science, P.E. and H. E. I have had a great time in my new school. I love working with my new classmates. We do lots of group work in different subjects.

In November we went to the Woodhall Residential Centre, we had great fun and we did lots of exciting activities such as canoeing, archery and orienteering. St. Paul’s is a very good school. Once you have settled in you will love it. 

Hello, my name is Róisín Hardy and I live in Rasharkin. I went to St. Patrick’s Primary School. The thing that I like most about St. Paul’s, is that since I have come here I have had the chance to do a lot of new subjects like Science, Drama, Music, H.E. and I.C.T. My favourite subjects are English, History, H. E. and P. E. Studying has never been so interesting.

I was recently at the residential at Woodhall. We did loads of activities and I got to know a lot of new people. I really enjoyed it as we were all working together. At Woodhall I became really friendly with Keeley Faulkner and Caoimhe Higgins. I think St. Paul’s is a great school and I really love it. I think all of you should consider coming here. It is a decision I will never regret.

My name is Oisin McErlean and my primary school was St. Columba’s, Kilrea. I like everything about St. Paul’s. I love all the different subjects, moving around the rooms, having lots of teachers and making new friends. One of the things I am most looking forward to is doing H.E. in the New Year. I also really like the canteen and I especially loved the Christmas dinner that we got in December. One of my highlights this year was that I played the piano at the First Year Mass and at Prize Giving. I really like my music teacher Mrs. Kelly. She makes me proud of my talent. We had a Health and Well Being Day this year which was very interesting. I learned how to keep myself healthy and I enjoyed the pumpkin soup. All of Year 8 also had a residential at Woodhall. We did zip-lining, orienteering, archery and the Leap of Faith. It was an opportunity to get to know the other first years and great fun.   

My name is Erin Toal. I live in Glenullin. I went to St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Primary School. I chose to come to St.Paul’s because my big brother is here. On my first day I was really nervous because I only knew a few people but I settled down very quickly and I have loads of new friends. My best friends are Chloe, Holly, Áine, Cliodhna, Shannon and Keeley.

All the teachers in the college are really nice. I love the variety of all the different subjects. My favourites at the minute are Maths, English, P.E. and I.C.T. I love playing camogie and running. Sport and keeping healthy are very important here and I think that is great. At the beginning of the school year the Yr. 8 girls went to a camogie blitz in Jordanstown. There were eighteen teams competing altogether. I was chosen as the best player in my section and I got a Jordanstown camogie top as my reward, I was very pleased. Our teacher cheered us on in every match. St. Paul’s is a wonderful school. You will enjoy every minute of your school life here.

Hello, my name is Kieran McAuley and I am from Rasharkin. I went to St. Joseph’s Primary School, Dunloy. I like St. Paul’s because it is a loving, caring school. The teachers are so friendly - even the principal Mrs Bradley! I like Art, Science, Music, Maths, English and ICT. We have done lots of new and exciting things this year including planning and preparing to build a plastic bottle greenhouse as part of the Eco-Club. Being a pupil at St. Paul’s is fun. I have made lots of new friends from Kilrea, Garvagh, Glenullin, Ballerin and Aghadowey. I would recommend St. Paul’s to anyone because we do something different and challenging everyday.   

My name is Hollie McEldowney and I live on the Drumagarner Rd. outside Kilrea. I went to Crossroads Primary School. I like St.Paul’s because we move around during the day. The subjects that I prefer are H.E., P.E., Science and History. I was nervous about coming to St.Paul’s as I was the only girl from my primary school. I shouldn’t have worried. As soon as I stepped in the front door I felt as though I was at home. I made lots of new friends very quickly and this helped me to settle down. My friends are Erin, Aileen, Chloe, Áine and Shannon.

We went on a residential to the Woodhall Centre and I really enjoyed it. We stayed two nights. We did orienteering when it was pitch dark. It was really exciting. We also went on a history trip to the Joey Dunlop Centre in Ballymoney. They told us about the Battle of Hastings. It was very interesting.I would recommend St. Paul’s because it is a very friendly school. I really enjoy going to school every day...how many of you can say that!